The gates of Sigil have closed. The City of Doors, once the indisputable hub of planar travel, has shut itself off from the rest of the planes. Portal keys do not respond, gateways are nothing more than ordinary doors. A company of strangers find themselves thrown together, seemingly at the whim of the cryptic entity known as the Lady of Pain, to hold back the darkness that threatens the very existence of countless worlds; a darkness so powerful even the Lady of Pain herself cannot help but take precautions against incursion into Sigil. The population of Sigil lies anxiously trapped within the confines of their eclectic city, unknowing of their fate, waiting for some sign from the Lady as to why she has prevented anyone or anything from leaving or entering the city that once saw more travel than any other. As they journey from world to world, the fledgling heroes throw themselves against some of the mightiest evils ever known, hoping to stop the chain of events that could very well throw the outer planes into chaos, and bring about the destruction of the Prime Material forever.

What Lies Beyond